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  • Karltex

  • Design UI/UX

  • Development

  • Branding

  • Motion Design

  • 2019

  • E-commerce

From digital dinosaurs to designer kicks

Karltex, a Gothenburg-based sneaker and streetwear boutique, has a big presence in their home town. But online, they’re a small fish in a big pond. One with a very outdated platform. In need of modernisation, they came to us to stand out and steer away from being like every other webshop, with price in focus.

For the love of sneakers

Karltex is all about sneakers. With this in mind, we set out to mimic a real Karltex store by creating a grid structure that you could scroll through as if you were gazing longingly at shelves of sneakers. Keeping things clean and updating navigation, allowed us to create an exclusive feel and ensure users could easily find what they were looking for.

Everything is integrated

For the new build, it was important to make things easy for both customers and Karltex. So we switched to Sitoo as the checkout system both instore and online through an API. Klarna was integrated to ensure smooth payments. And for smooth logistics, we built functions on top of Woocommerce to sync stock, between the warehouse and their two physical stores.

Automated image masking

One challenge of the project was to work out how we could simplify the time-consuming process of masking product images. The solution, a Wordpress plugin that could masks hundreds of images in one click through an API. The best thing is, based on machine logic, it just gets smarter the more it’s used. A simple automation to save time and money.

More than a logo

Karltex has never really had a visual identity - just a logo. So in tandem with the site build, the logo was given a subtle facelift and visual guidelines were created. With a colourful pallet and a structured grid, we were able to create a flexible identity.

From instore to social

With a new site and fresh identity, we streamlined Karltex’s content creation. Combining the automated image masking with smart templates, we were able to help them easily create new high-quality content and material each week. For both print, social, instore and online.

The results

A fresh, more engaging and smoother site experience for users, both die-hard sneaker lovers and regular shoppers. And for Karltex, a new integrated E-commerce platform that is time and cost-efficient. To help them get shoes online and on feet, all around the world.