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  • Göteborgs Stad

  • Design

  • Development

  • 2019

  • Älvrummet


Älvrummet is a publicly available hub showcasing city planning in central Gothenburg. A visit here will give you insight in both future and present development projects as well as the chance to partake in talks, guided tours, exhibitions and much more.


We choose to go over to the dark side of web design in this project to as a way of conveying the feeling you get when visiting the actual place. Älvrummet being an official site this path presented us with some accessibility challenges (more on that later). The dark background in contrast with the blue and orange colors from Älvrummets graphical guidelines creates a intimate and very exhibition-y feeling, just like a real visit would! We used the outline of Gothenburgs famous docks as a graphical element to break up the page and create space.

Really accessible

Gothenburg is for everyone and in this project it was extra important that any visitors regardless of impairments (visual or otherwise) could enjoy the new site, we've put a lot of time and effort into testing and tweaking to make the site as accessible as possible (and we managed to pick up a trick or two along the way that will definitely make it into our boilerplate).