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  • 2019

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Funny Business

Having Wint taking care of your business is like carrying an entire financialdepartment around in your pocket! They provide automated bookkeeping, allowing businessowners to focus on what they love.

Wint came to us with an idea for a digital campaign constisting of three animated movies. Naturally we accepted the challenge and started working out the storyboard etc and quickly realized we needed to come up with a way of creating graphics that would animate nicely and at the same time play nice with Wints brand. Enter the play- and colorful 3D-graphics on display here.

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Wint cash register 1 Wint charts 2 Wint calendar 3 Wint app 4 Wint booking 5 Wint payments 6
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A bunch of birds with one stone

Once the videos where done we saw a real opportunity to reuse all those juicy graphics and incorporate those into Wints website as both still and moving designelements.

Before actually doing any webdesigning we needed to create a supplement for Wints graphical guidelines that would supply a set of rules for ourselved and other designers while working on Wints site or native applications.

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The conclusion

What started as a simple animationjob grew and ended up with us delivering not only the campaignvideos but a new Digital Guideline-document and overhauling Wints entire website!